Adrienne Cohen

Freelance Writer

Content Marketing, Blog Posts, Interviews, News Releases, Travel Writing, Ghostwriting

Welcome to my World:

It’s an exciting world of words and ideas.

I will help you find the voice that resonates with your readers, your associates, clients and employees, your friends and family, or with your children and grandchildren. Whoever your audience may be, whatever story you want to tell, I can help.

I will bring your story to life — the story of you, your business, your location, your products and services, your events, your history, or your travels.

We all have stories to tell. I can help you organize your thoughts and clearly express your ideas, “connect” with customers, build a business presentation, draft a speech or a news release, revitalize your website, or tell the world about your nonprofit organization, your passions, your causes, your resort, or your restaurant. I can assist with a destination guide, a travel memoir, or your family or business history. I will help you find your way in the marketplace of ideas.

I’ll never put words in your mouth. Working together, we’ll find your voice, and we will tell your story loud and clear!

I have words for you — let’s talk!