Adrienne’s Story

Adrienne Cohen has spent much of her life telling stories about people, places and events that matter — to her and to others. Following her childhood as an “Army brat,” she has indulged her love of travel throughout a lifetime of experiences that now color her work as a freelance writer and travel blogger.

Adrienne has ghostwritten speeches, edited manuscripts, helped develop anthologies, dabbled in memoir and personality profiles, and still loves scavenging for stories in out-of-the-way places. She now considers herself a storyteller, and loves helping others tell their own stories. She has a finely tuned design sense, is a competent photographer with a “good eye,” and enjoys the creativity of basic graphic design equally as much as she loves stringing words together to convey thoughts and ideas.

She calls on personal knowledge and insights to add flavor to her writing. She maintains two blogs — and — and writes a periodic column for her local weekly newspaper, the Hot Springs (AR) Village Voice. Her work has been published in print and online, both in the United States and internationally.

A “gypsy spirit” who admits to a love of travel, good food and unique experiences, she is the first to explore local markets or enroll in cooking classes at destinations across the globe, returning home not only with stories to tell but recipes to test on family and friends. Her writing is sprinkled with references to distinctive destinations and unfamiliar cuisine, along with an admiration for farmers and growers, chefs and vintners, sustainable practices, alternative agriculture, and global agritourism.

This journalist turned blogger and freelance content writer is the consummate professional, displaying boundless enthusiasm for every project she accepts. With millions of words to her credit for hundreds of clients over the past decade, she is adept at research, dedicated to accuracy, and respectful of deadlines.

Adrienne is innately curious, and her unique and varied experience punctuates all her writing. She delights in opening portals through which readers are transported into new worlds of discovery, knowledge, and delight.

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